Here are the details of what is and what is not covered under Antara's Prepaid Plans

What IS Covered

    Inpatient coverage up to $10,000 USD (KES 1,000,000)
    All doctor's fees and all bill's associated with admission
    All needed drugs and dressings
    X-Rays, CT Scans and Laboratory Examinations
    Operating Theatre, Surgical Treatment and all bill's associated with surgery

    Unlimited Consultations with an Avenue Healthcare doctor at any of our clinics
    Unlimited Specialist Consultations on referral from Avenue doctors
    All prescribed drugs and dressings
    X-rays, CT Scans, Ultrasound and Laboratory Examinations
    Special Procedures (e.g. suturing, POP)

    Please note the difference Individual Comprehensive Plans and Family Comprehensive Plans:

    Pre-existing diabetes, asthma, hypertension, peptic ulcer disease and chronic eye conditions are INCLUDED
    All plans cover $1,000 of chronic disease outpatient coverage

    Pre-existing conditions NOT INCLUDED

What IS NOT Covered

    Non-emergency hospital admission in the first 60-days
    HDU Care
    ICU Care

    *ICU can be purchased at an additional cost. Please
    contact us if you would like to add ICU cover.

    The good news is that NHIF will cover much of what our coverage will not and our team will help you maximize NHIF benefits.

    If your loved ones have complicated conditions,
    contact us and we will try to help figure out the best way to get them covered

    Pre-exisiting cancers or kidney diseases
    Congenital and genetic disorders
    HIV related conditions
    Drug/alcohol dependency
    No coverage for cosmetic surgery (except in the case of accidental disfigurement)
    Family planning or pregnancy care (for this we have a separate plan)
    Non-emergency gynecological surgery
    Dentistry (except in the case of severe accidental damage)
    Medical equipmentProsthetic device
    Hearing aids


Outpatient services are available within 24 hours of enrollment from any of our facilities in Nairobi, Thika, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and Eldoret

Emergency admission for the first 48 hours in any NHIF approved hospital outside Nairobi

Please note that for non-emergency admissions, there is a 60-day waiting period

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