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These are the partners we want. Antara’s Progress Report Presentation was very informative, precise and was executed very well by the team. They worked very well together and communicated things very clearly for us. These are the people we want to work with.

General Manager, Kenya

Retail Company

The Wellness Check was a really great experience. Signing to Antara’s service was a seamless process. I really liked it. I now have my appointment with the nutritionist booked for next week, and I'll have a plan for what to do throughout the year. This is the best time to do this because there'll be a plan throughout the year. I want my whole team to go through this.

Managing Director


The team will especially love not having to pay for consultation every-time they access Antara’s services.

HR Manager

Legal & Audit Firm

We've never had any provider show us and explain to us what's going on with our team, to this level of detail. I really like this. This is insightful and appreciated.

Assistant HR Manager

Insurance Company

It's really awesome to see the data on Antara’s Quarterly Health Reports and the team's health progress. We would love to show the whole team their progress and the impact Antara has had so far.

HR Manager


I am extremely happy with the services and care Antara gave my team today! None of the health care providers we have previously worked with has ever offered nutritional and mental health consults during a health camp!

HR Manager


My Antara Health Navigator takes care of me consistently. She consistently calls me for follow up even when I let her down sometimes when my schedule becomes busy.

Operations Manager, I&M Bank

Banking & Finance

Our Services

What is Antara Health?

Antara is a virtual primary care provider. Our health navigation service offers patient-centered, easily accessible, and cost-effective healthcare.

With Antara, companies get the most out of their scheme benefits. Our goal is to make every team we manage healthier, happier and more productive.

The Antara Experience

The Antara Member Experience - Services Offered

Connect to a doctor in minutes.

Mental health, paediatric & nutrition consultations.

A dedicated nurse to be your first call for all health needs.

Delivery of medication, labs and health monitoring equipment.

Chronic condition management programs for High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and more.

Health goal programs (healthy eating, fitness and more).

Health screening for every member.

Preventative and promotive healthcare.

The Antara Health Team

Every Antara Member has a Personal Health Team

The Antara Experience

An Antara Doctor

A personal Health Navigator

An Antara Nutritionist

An Antara Paediatrician

An Antara Mental Health Counsellor

The Antara Delivery and Logistics Team