The Antara Experience

Getting Started

  • It’s easy! Download our app or just give us a call
  • Tell us a little bit about your health (strictly confidential)
  • Schedule a baseline consultation with your Health Navigator

Your Baseline Consultation

  • Answer a few questions about your health needs
  • If needed, we’ll run a few simple tests
  • Many tests we can deliver right to your door

The Antara Experience


Meet Becky – Esther’s Health Navigator

Experience: 10 years
BSc Nursing Sciences, University of Nairobi
Languages Spoken: English, Kiswahili, Dholuo and Ekegusii

“I’m here for my Antara Members whenever they need me.”


Becky: Hi, thank you for telling me about your health. Our next step will be some blood pressure monitoring. I'll have a BP machine delivered to you. Will tomorrow morning be okay?

Esther: That would be okay. Thank you.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Antara can deliver monitoring machines right to your door

Becky: Hi Esther. I see Antara's Deliveryman, John, dropped off your Blood Pressure Monitoring Kit today. Did everything go okay?

Esther: Yes. John was very nice and showed me how to use it.

Becky: Great. Remember, twice a day, for five days. Don’t forget to send me your readings! I’m here if you have any questions.

Health Management Plan

A personalized care plan with reachable milestones and all the support needed to attain them

Becky: Hi Esther, it's great to be speaking with you today. I’m calling to go over your Health Management Plan. Is this a good time?

Esther: Hello Becky. Yes, this is a good time to talk.

Becky: Your plan has everything you need to get your High Blood Pressure under control. Today, we’ll go over the changes to your diet and routine that will make a big difference to your health. We’ll also talk about some easy exercises and tips in your plan that will help with your back pain.

1 Month Later:
Nutrition Follow-Up

Antara adapts care plans to each member's health and life needs

Sharlene: “Hi Esther, this is Sharlene calling. I’m an Antara Nutritionist and  I wanted to see how your diet plan is going?” 

Esther: “It’s okay as long I cook from home. But what happens when I need to eat at my work?” 

Sharlene: “Eating out can be a big part of our diets. I’ll send you some tips on how to find healthier options at the cafeteria or on the menu.”
Sharlene: Hello Esther. How is your exercise plan coming along? I hope your back pain is better. Also, did you receive the refill for your medications?

Esther: I have been following the exercise plan you’ve sent. I’m doing my exercises and take some walks. My back pain is better. I think I might have even lost a little weight! And yes, I received my blood pressure medication. It was delivered right to my door.

3 Months Later: Progress Tracking

Antara gives members the tools needed to track progress over time

Esther: Hi Becky. I’ve just sent you my latest blood pressure results.

Becky: This is great news, Esther. Your Blood Pressure has come down nicely. I’ve spoken with Grace, our Doctor, and we think it’s possible to reduce your medications. You have an appointment booked with a specialist next week to review your results and see what’s possible.

6 Months Later: Clinical Review

Becky: Hi Esther. Your blood pressure has stayed where it needs to be. Congratulations - you’ve done so well.

Esther: Thank you! I’m so happy to be off medications. I feel better than I have in a long time.

Meet Anne –
David’s Health Navigator

Experience: 8 years
Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing Public Health Kenyatta University, Nairobi
Languages Spoken: English, Kiswahili, Teso

“My passion is to impact individuals, families and even the community at large.”

Virtual Primary Care: For when you're not feeling well

Meet Grace
Virtual Doctor

Experience: 4 years
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery University of Nairobi
Languages Spoken: English, Kiswahili, Kikuyu

David: Hi Anne. I’m not feeling well today. It seems I have a fever and there is pain in my ears and nose. Should I go to the clinic?”

Anne: Hi David, before you go to the clinic, let’s get you in touch with our Virtual Doctor, Grace. I’ve got you an appointment in 30 minutes.
Grace: Great to be speaking with you today, David. Based on your symptoms, it sounds like you have a sinus infection. I have prescribed you a 5 day course of antibiotics. We can have the medication delivered to your home tomorrow. Will that be okay?

David: I think so, but I’m really not feeling well, and I was thinking of going in to work tomorrow.

Grace: You’re probably quite contagious right now and you need rest. So I advise you to stay home until your fever is down and you have relief from your other symptoms.

3 Days Later: Acute Care Follow-up

Anne: Hi David. How are you feeling? Please remember it’s really important to finish the whole 5 day course of antibiotics, even if you’re already feeling better.

David: Hello Anne. I received the medication and I am already feeling better. But I promise to take all of the medication. Thanks for checking in. I’m so glad you and Grace saved me a trip to the clinic.

1 Month Later: Regular Check-Ins

Anne: Hi David. This is Anne from Antara checking in to see how you are doing and if there are any health questions or issues we can assist you with?

David: Hi Anne. Actually, I’ve been wanting to contact you about a little issue. Lately, I've had some heartburn. It’s very annoying, especially when I sleep. Can you help?

Anne: Of course we can help! Heartburn can be triggered by certain foods we eat, especially in the evenings. Or there could be another cause. Let’s start with a conversation with an Antara nutritionist and go from there.

Care Delivery: Heartburn Management

Sharlene: Hi David, so listening to your symptoms it sounds like we should start with some simple tips and diet guidance, which I’ll send over on whatsapp. Let’s also try and identify which foods trigger your heartburn and help you find some tasty and healthy substitutes.

David: Okay. But what happens if my heartburn doesn’t go away or gets worse?

Sharlene: If that happens, we’ll do some simple tests to learn more and then we can connect with an Antara doctor to look at some medication options.

Follow-Up: Making sure everything is on track

Anne: Hello David. How are you doing? Have you had any more trouble with your heartburn?

David: Hi Anne. I am doing well. My heartburn is much better now that I’ve made a few changes to how I eat. In fact, I’m starting to think about my health a bit more these days. Maybe it would be a good idea to get into better shape. Is there any advice you can give me?

Anne: Absolutely, David. I think that’s a great idea. Let’s schedule some time for us to talk about how to craft the right exercise and diet regimen for you.