Better health at lower cost

Antara provides turnkey virtual health services for insurance plans.
Health plans using Antara's virtual Health Navigation service enjoy 8% - 20% improvements in medical loss ratios, 3x patient satisfaction scores, and 10x the engagement touchpoints with members over baseline plans.
It's a different approach to virtual care. It's virtual care that works.

How It Works

Antara's integrated approach combines screening & early detection, customized health engagement plans, and high touch virtual engagement - over any preferred communication channel, and both human & AI-driven - to keep patients engaged in their health.

We use technology at every stage to make it hyper-efficient and effective, delivering better health outcomes at lower costs for your plan members.


Our intelligent screening algorithm and at-home diagnostic & monitoring service finds 3x the number of people at-risk of a medical condition than baseline health plans.


We build personalized health management plans for 100% of plan members, whether healthy or sick.

This playbook keeps Antara members healthier, and go to the hospital and clinic less - which means fewer billable claims to you.


Our Virtual Health Navigation service proactively engages your plan members, whether via phone, SMS, WhatsApp, or the Antara mobile App.

We interact with your members 10x before they step foot into a hospital or clinic.


Members get health services that are relevant to them and support their whole health.

As a result, Antara navigated members report 3x patient satisfaction scores vs. baseline health plans.

Learn how to introduce virtual health services for your plans

If you're ready to take your plan benefits to the next level, let Antara be your partner. Your members will be healthier, happier, and better managed.

Antara Health Navigation is virtual health that works.

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