It Starts With Health Navigation.

Healthcare can be complicated, like a puzzle. Solving that puzzle means making sure all the pieces needed for effective care work together properly.

That’s what Health Navigation does.

We combine our Health Navigation with great coverage and tech-driven features that give you convenience and access.

The end result? Peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

What Health Navigation Delivers:  

A Health Professional Just For You

Every Antara Customer gets a Health Navigator - a trained nurse employed by Antara whose sole job is to be there for your health journey and to make sure you get the care you deserve.

Care That Goes Beyond the Doctor’s Office

Healthcare is about more than a diagnosis. It can mean physical therapy and nutrition and fitness support - and accessing your doctor shouldn't be limited to the hospital.

Health Navigation delivers an integrated approach to make these services available to you, and our Antara app lets you connect with these health providers anytime, anywhere.

Truly Personal Care

Health Navigation is all about patient-centered care. That means having a Health Navigator who listens to you and answers your questions. It also means care that’s easy to use and understand. We take the realities of your life into account.

Health Navigation treats the whole person, instead of just symptoms.

Care That Keeps You Protected

Healthcare costs can be overwhelming. Especially for chronic conditions.

Our Health Navigators maximize our great Health Coverage Plans to keep your healthier and deliver high-quality cost-effective care.

How Health Navigation Gets The Job Done:

Effective care requires a broad suite of services that work together to ensure you and your loved ones live healthier, more secure lives.

Your Health Navigator will be there to coordinate, organize, and assist with every step of that journey.

Here are just some of the services that Antara’s Health Navigation delivers:

Care Services:

Appointments & Referrals

We’ll book your all appointments and referrals with health providers, and send reminders.

Physical Therapy

With Antara, you’ll have access to the Physical Therapy resources you’ll need for long-term recovery.

Fitness & Nutritional Support

Antara’s ecosystem of fitness experts and nutritionists delivers diet and fitness services crucial to managing chronic diseases and better overall health.

Medication Services & Home Delivery

We fill and refill all your prescription needs, with guaranteed high-quality medication delivered right to your door.

Patient Empowerment:

Virtual Care

Use the Antara app or your phone to connect with doctors & services 24/7.

Care Management Support & Follow-Up

Your Health Navigator will always follow-up and keep you on track with reminders and check-ins to help you achieve your care milestones.

Personal Health Records

All your important health information will be continuously updated in your app, securely stored, privacy protected, and only accessible to your health providers.

Health Education

Because educated patients are healthier patients. Get empowered with the right questions to your doctor and knowledge to take command of your care.

Delivering Value:

NHIF Enrollment

Antara will make sure you or your loved ones are properly enrolled and getting the most out of your NHIF Coverage.

Preventative Healthcare

Antara focuses not just on treating symptoms but helping our customers live healthier, happier lives.

Emergency Transport

Get access to an Ambulance and trained emergency staff when you need it.

... And Much More

We are continually expanding our provider network and scope of services to meet your needs.

Focused on you.
With Antara, take great care of the people you love, starting at just KES 100 a day.

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