A Part Of Your Family: How Antara Serves Parents and Children Members

To parents, nothing is more important than the health of their children. That’s why Antara’s Health Navigation provides convenient, capable care that supports growing boys and girls and delivers peace of mind to parents.

"I am a pediatrician and have designed everything we do at Antara to be parent and child-friendly. Think of us as your family doctor who knows you and your children and always has time for you and your children, no matter what the health issue is." Dr. Kebba Jobarteh, CEO and Co-Founder of Antara Health

Health Navigation Services For Children

  • Connect to a doctor quickly and easily
  • A Health Navigator: a dedicated Nurse who will understand and serve the health needs of your Children
  • Support for day-to-day health questions and guidance
  • Diet guidance and meal plans so that your children get all the nutritional benefits they need
  • Care coordination and Management Plans for any chronic health issues

A Health Team Parents Can Rely On:

Our commitment is to serve all your child's health needs, great and small. And to do that, Antara offers Parents a team of Health Experts including:

  • Doctors - Can Diagnose, Prescribe, and Refer
  • Dedicated Nurses -Your First Call for any Health questions or needs
  • Nutritionists
  • Fitness Experts
  • Mental Health Counselors
Health team.png

With Antara, You’re Never A Stranger

When it comes to taking care of children's health, trust is everything. With Antara, Parents will have a Health Navigator - a dedicated nurse you will know and who, in turn, will know you and your family's health needs. No need to explain everything time and again. Every child's health is unique and your Health Navigator is trained to understand how that is so for your loved ones and then to deliver the right support. With Antara, you'll have someone to call as soon as your child's symptoms arise so you don't need to delay taking care of your child's health needs.

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