Health Navigation's Latest Gamechanger: The All-New Antara App


For our members, the Antara experience means a different kind of healthcare - one built on a trusted relationship with their care team. The all-new Antara App takes that care relationship to the next level. 

Each Antara member has a dedicated Health Navigator who knows their health history and needs. This enables truly customized health management plans tailored to each member's unique situation. 

The new health data features in our App allow our doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and mental health counselors to deliver care that’s more convenient, effective, and personalized than any other health service. Clearly visualized health data trends helps members keep on track to their goals.

Our new app upgrades the member relationship with the Antara care team and allows us to navigate a member’s health journey like never before by allowing members to:

Member + Antara Health Navigator + Antara App: A Formula For Better Healthcare

Antara Health is transforming healthcare by providing our members with sophisticated medical insights and services supported by a genuine relationship with experienced health professionals.  

Now Antara’s first-of-its-kind app experience in Kenya uses technology to make our care even better. Our App combines secure delivery of customized healthcare plans with access to personal health data tracking. Antara members can view individual trends in blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and BMI. 

In the updated app, a member can view their own health plan any time and then easily review and discuss that plan at any time with their Antara Care team. Plus, if covered, members who are parents can also review and discuss their children's health plans as well.

Antara health plans are developed by a member's devoted Health Navigator based on discussions with the member. The ability to track and view health data over time closes the loop between information and action. Members gain insights from their data and follow plans to drive real health improvements.

Convenience and Security: Why The Antara App Is The Best Home For Your Health

Robust data helps members get the most of their current health status and how to improve it over time. Research shows that data-driven healthcare leads to the best health outcomes and Antara is committed to using data to meaningfully empower our members while also fiercely protecting their privacy.

Member health data is always kept strictly confidential. Antara invests heavily in industry-leading security measures and protocols to safeguard sensitive information. Members can feel tremendously confident knowing their data is secure while still benefiting from the personalized insights and recommendations powered by their health information.

All of Antara In the Palm Of Your Hand: Services Available In-App

The app complements (not replaces) Antara’s exemplary personalized care. Health Navigators continue to provide dedicated support and care coordination to each member. The new version of the app augments Antara’s already exceptional service with improved accessibility and personalization. 

The highly intuitive app centralizes access to Antara’s full range of care services, including:

The new Antara App demonstrates our continued commitment to innovation in service of our members’ well-being and health. What makes Antara truly different is our care team’s dedication to improving our members’ health. That’s why Antara achieves the best health outcomes in Kenya while also delivering the most convenient and time-saving patient experience available.

Are you a member? Download or update the Antara Health app today and take control of your health journey!