How Antara Works For You

Antara Healthcare walks with our Members for all their health needs. Health Navigation is there for every step of our Members' journeys. We support everything that happens before, during, and after a health consultation. This includes all the necessary follow-up to make sure that you get care that works for you.

Infographic: How Antara's Health Navigators Take Care Of Our Members

Virtual Primary Care: It’s like a clinic on your phone

Get  your health questions answered, we can resolve up to 80% of your health needs without a trip to the clinic. Call Antara to get a same day consultation with a nurse or doctor. If you need a specialist, we can organise an in-person visit whenever you need to. We can also deliver your prescriptions and help you do lab tests from the safety of your home.


Care coordination: For when you need to go in-person

Antara works with your existing doctors and health cover. We book and manage your appointments. We will prepare you for your appointments and send reminders. If you need a second opinion, we can refer you to another specialist. After everything’s done, we follow-up to make sure that your care meets our standards.

Health Management Programs: For when you need ongoing healthcare

Perhaps you're working on reducing your blood pressure, getting your diabetes under control or just getting in better shape. Whatever your health goal, first we’ll craft a personalized plan for you with reachable milestones. Then we'll deliver all the support you'll need to achieve your goal.

Services include:

  1. Medication Support: Reminders, refills, and follow-up
  2. Home delivery of monitoring kits
  3. Nutrition Support: Diet plans that take into account your life & how you eat
  4. Adaptive Support: milestone tracking and goals that update based on your progress
  5. Ongoing Support: Antara Health Navigators continuously check-in and follow up on every step of a member's health journey

Proactive Engagement: We work to keep you healthy and safe

We catch easy-to-resolve health issues before they get serious. We screen for common chronic conditions, conduct regular check-ins and provide active follow-up after clinical interactions to make sure that all the care you’re getting meets our standards.

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