Let Antara Be Your Personal Doctor

Did you know that your Antara medical team can take care of all your health needs?

  • Reach out to us BEFORE you go to a clinic, hospital, or pharmacy and we'll take great care of you.
  • Don't sit in traffic or wait around for care! Antara can resolve up to 80% of your health needs without a trip to the clinic.
A health service built around you: a medical team you can trust & care at your fingertips.  Feeling unwell? Reach out to Antara first and our health team will take great care of you.  Get Fast Answers: Got a Health Question? Antara can get you the information you need quickly and easily.  Need a prescription? Book a consult with an Antara doctor  Do you have a health goal? Want to get fit? Or eat healthy? Antara can help - enroll in one of our health programs today.  Admin issues: not sure about your benefits? Need support? Let Antara help you with the red tape.   Worried about a chronic disease or something serious? Antara will take great care of you with our Health Management Programs that include Health Plans and all the support you need  Need Mental Health Support? Book a consult with an Antara Mental Health Counselor.  Are your dependents covered? Antara can take care of your entire family!  Get your spouse onboarded to enjoy all the same benefits  Let an Antara pediatrician support the health and welfare of your children