The Benefits of Health Navigation:

Convenient: For Everyday Health Needs 

Antara Members can easily connect to our doctors by phone, video call, or messaging. Our Virtual Doctors can take care of many of our members’ health needs with:

  1. Virtual Consultations by phone, text, or through the Antara App
  2. Home or office delivery of lab tests and medications
  3. Scheduled Follow-up as needed

Patient-Centered: Antara Treats Our Members Like Family

Every member has a dedicated nurse - called a Health Navigator. A Health Navigator's only job is to get to know a member’s health needs and then walk with them on their health journey. Antara does more than just treat symptoms - we deliver care that treats the entirety of a member’s health needs. 

Capable: No Matter The Health Need, Antara Can Help

Every Antara Member gets a doctor-led health team. Antara's Health Navigators create customized Health Management Plans for each member with a chronic or complex health issue. In addition, Antara gives active support, we reach out to make sure that our members get the best health service possible. 

  • Members receive scheduled check-ins that measure progress.
  • Antara follows-up every time care is delivered to make sure everything went well.

Empowering: Antara Helps Members Take Control Of Their Health

Antara Members understand their health like never before. Every Member gets access to Health Checks and Screening Services. Antara listens carefully to our Members to understand what good health means to each one. From there, Antara works with our Members to make sure they live their healthiest lives.

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